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Advanced AI for your clinical practice
Improve the health of your patients, your practice, and you
Help your practice thrive with advanced technologies and conversational AI that will identify leap-frog opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs, increase efficiency, enhance patient care.
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"AvodahMed is a very useful tool that allows me to communicate virtually with patients from afar and vice versa, access medical records no matter where I am and be more thorough, which is how I prefer to be in my daily practice."

Floyd Russak, MD, Owner & CEO

Russak Personalized Medicine

It’s tough out there!

Operating a medical practice in a post-COVID world is riddled with complexities. Practices have to find innovative ways to address:

  • Administrative burdens

  • Physician burnout

  • Patient expectations

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Supercharge practice improvement with deep insights

AvodahMed is always listening, always learning to help you gain a deeper understanding of your practice, serving up insights on optimizing workflows, processes, and patient encounters.

Create enhanced and equitable care for all
How Nsight accelerates your practice
Uncover cost savings and new revenue opportunities
  • Recognize when ancillary services are warranted during patient encounters


  • Eliminate the need for 3rd party apps

    • A single source for transcription, dictation, and telehealth

  • Identify and mitigate risks quickly to avoid unnecessary costs

Create efficiencies to save valuable time practice wide
  • Learn from the data your practice generates every day


  • Get more value from your current EHR investment

  • Understand what makes your practice better than ever before

  • Identify the services that will address your patients health concerns

  • Accommodate the needs of all patients through more accessible, ADA compliant care

  • Reduce the risk of costly HIPAA violations

Are you ready to level up your practice?

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