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Practice efficiency is a reality with our ambient clinical assistant
Nsight   will reduce your chart closure time by more than 60%, save you time on clinical documentation, and reduce administrative burden.


Highly accurate clinical documentation

Improve patient satisfaction with Nsight, an ambient clinical intelligence platform that accurately documents patient encounters in real-time, enabling you to focus on patients instead of notetaking.

Boost practice revenues

Nsight generates highly accurate documentation as well as care prompt recommendations for additional services. It frees up time for more patient visits and ensures accurate reimbursement with fewer billing and coding frustrations.

Deliver the
best care

Nsight relieves clinicians of documentation burdens and elevates the quality of provider-patient communication and care. Spend more time with patients and less time on notetaking.

Every second counts

Embrace a practice where care flows smoothly, finances are optimized, and every task serves a purpose.

Daily practice operations


Daily practice operations streamlined by AvodahMed AI


Our Nsight clock graphic provides an overview of what your day could look like with an ambient clinical assistant. Each hour is dedicated to tasks that advance your practice efficiency and improve patient care—while giving you time back.

Disclaimer: This clock graphic serves as an illustration of estimated time allocations; actual time usage may vary based on individual practice and patient needs.

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Nsight's ambient clinical solution accelerates accurate documentation in real-time.  With the notes taken care of, your practice can go back to transforming healthcare one patient at a time.
Advanced conversational
AI for physicians

Nsight’s conversational AI accurately listens actively to each patient encounter. It’s like having an assistant in every room at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

With Nsight, you can:

Get an automatic, accurate transcription and summarization of patient visits.

Tailor AI algorithms to monitor and detect additional care opportunities.

Deliver physician notifications to recommend revenue-boosting ancillary services in real time.

Create seamless physical and virtual office experiences.

Maximize care and revenue

Using ancillary service notifications with Nsight

One primary care doctor had Nsight listen during fifty-two appointments during a two-week period.

  • Eleven opportunities for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) were identified.

  • Four patients signed up for HRT

  • $13,000 in new revenue added

Play it forward
Annually, Nsight could listen in on 2,100+ patient encounters and make HRT recommendations for 20% of those patients, presenting an additional revenue potential of approximately $600,000 annually.

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