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NeuroNetworking 2023


January  26-29, 2023

Once again, NeuroNet Pro and the American Society of Neuroimaging team up to host a unique symposium that facilitates solutions oriented dialogue among a diverse spectrum of healthcare professionals. This annual face-to-face event highlights important diagnostic, therapeutic and operational innovations, while fostering relationships that are critical to building a peer-based support network. 

AvodahMed provides advanced AI for your clinical practice. It improves the health of your patients, your practice, and your providers. Help your practice thrive with advanced technologies and conversational AI that will identify substantial opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enhance patient care.


Nsight   from AvodahMed   enables medical practices to improve the health of their patients, their providers, and their practices.



Nsight is a conversational AI platform that is engaged in
real-time and learns about your practice and
patients to help yo
u identify opportunities for:

  • substantial gains in revenue generation

  • cost savings

  • operational efficiencies

  • superior patient care

To see Nsight in action, contact us at or visit
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Presented by Shawn Ring
Founder & CEO

Founder, CEO, and President of several technology-based businesses, domestic and international, with 25+ years of experience

History of building, implementing, and maintaining high growth strategies. Strategies have produced national brands, national franchise systems, and startup growth exceeding $130m in annual revenue. Developed and led Mergers and Acquisitions of more than 9 technology companies. Developed multi-national strategies, international banking, and legal foundations in  Singapore, South Africa, Fiji, and United States. Built a service-based company serving 47 states with B2B and B2C offerings.


BS in Information Technologies; MBA in International Business & Cross-Cultural Leadership

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Nsight in Action
Russak Personalized Medicine,
Floyd B. Russak, M

Internal Medicine, Pediatrics & Geriatrics serving Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Littleton, and the surrounding Denver, CO areas.

“As I move more towards semi-retirement, the ability to care for my patients anywhere in the world is very exciting to me!”
- Dr. Floyd Russak, MD

AvodahMed: Deep Learning to Optimize the Health of Your Practice

Nsight from AvodahMed provides a unique combination of modern technology and distributed intelligence to give you deeper patient and business insights and a more personalized approach to patient care.

Nsight is an EHR-agnostic conversational AI platform that is engaged in real time and learns about your practice and patients to help you identify substantial gains in revenue generation, cost savings, operational efficiencies, and, most importantly, superior patient care.

“AvodahMed is a very useful tool that allows me to communicate with patients from afar, access my medical records no matter where I am, and will allow me to be more thorough like how I liketo be in my daily practice.”
- Dr. Beatriz Linn, MD


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