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Tony Black Headshot.jpeg

Anthony Black, BS

  • 2019; Co-founded HG Analytics, a preventative wellness screening program servicing family practice clinics across Texas. This led to the acquisition of Family Medicine Austin, now with 2 locations in the Austin, Texas, area. The current focus of both companies is leveraging AI automation processes to better serve patients and providers better. 

  • 2017; Co-founded Advanced Medical Trials, LLC. Currently operates a diverse portfolio of clinical research trials in multiple locations.  It has been ranked the #1 site nationwide in 2 recent pharmaceutical studies.

  • 2015; Co-founded a lab and pharmacy services company.  At its peak, the company represented over 100 independent medical practices.

  • 2005; Founded an oil and gas exploration and production company.  After a successful first field development project in Goliad county Texas, where the company successfully drilled, completed, and produced 7 out of 8 gas wells, it eventually expanded into acquisitions of oil fields in Wyoming, offshore Louisiana, and oil and gas projects throughout Texas. 

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