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One platform for both
in-office and virtual visits

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All features work together for providers, clinical staff, and patients.

See hidden opportunities.

AI may be your competitors' top priority and should be yours.
If you have Athena's EHR but aren't leveraging Al you're leaving valuable revenue opportunities on the table.

Increase revenue with care.

Our integrated real-time transcription layered with AI intelligence will generate decision support and ancillary service alerts during office visits - enhancing patient care, expanding the scope of services, and generating new revenue.

Work smarter,
not harder. 

A Conversational AI platform helps your practice operate to of license with a single, intelligent platform, strengthening the bond between your virtual and physical practice.  

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Conversational AI

Take your practice to new levels and watch it thrive with advanced AI with Transcription 

  • Easy to use for provider notes

  • Save time for providers

  • Conversation documented between patient and provider

  • Reduce malpractice audit issues

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Alerts powered by you

Why stop at transcription? Our AI is tailored to meet the unique needs of your office, or you can leverage one of the use cases other practices have employed.

  • Integrating real-time transcription layered with AI intelligence will support decisions and ancillary service alerts during office visits

  • Enhancing patient care in or post-visit

  • Expanding the scope of services

  • Generating new revenue

“I love being a doctor. 
I didn’t want to be a typist.”  

- Dr. Linn

Conversational Ai enables you to be the doctor you are and want to be. 
Technology decreases administrative burden. 
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Data that works for you

Lead with innovation by incorporating the power of Ai with integrating existing data and new

  • Leveraging EMR to gain more value from the data your practice generates every day

  • Integrating your EMR and EHR

  • Auto-charting with dictation

  • Reliable and secure data 

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Conversation Ai drives alerts for ancillary services with alerts that can boost the practice revenue by 20%.  

- Shawn Ring, AvodahMed CEO


More Features


Our translation capabilities will enable providers to focus on care rather than worry about whether the patient understood the information.

ADA Compliance


Our ASL (American Sign Language) capabilities will give you the competitive edge to be ADA compliant

Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM real-time vitals with historical trending and AI anomaly alerts will increase patient and provider engagement. 

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