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AI-Driven Practice Innovation

Create smarter workflows. Improve care quality. Enhance the patient experience.  Increase revenue.  All and more are attainable with advanced AI from AvodahMed. We help progressive healthcare leaders operationalize practice processes to compete, drive growth, and outperform.

Be an AI achiever. Realize your vision. Become our beta partner today.

"AvodahMed is a very useful tool that allows me to communicate virtually with patients from afar and vice versa, access medical records no matter where I am and be more thorough, which is how I prefer to be in my daily practice."

Floyd Russak, MD, Owner & CEO

Russak Personalized Medicine

Innovate your practice

Elevate or Drive the value of accessible digital health data generated daily by your practice to identify quality care and revenue-boosting opportunities with leapfrog potential.

Be present (Improve) with patients in their preferred communication - virtual visits, audio

Increase revenue exponentially via patient intake AI automation and custom workflows. Improve retention and reduce staffing shortages by investing in AI-designed self-service tools for patients


Provider-Patient Centered AI

Human-centered AI puts you at the center of the patient’s journey across the care continuum. 

Our advanced AI embedded in audio, video, and text empowers your employees to continually identify and act upon new opportunities that increase patient and provider satisfaction, giving your practice a competitive advantage.

  • The deep learning capabilities of AI listen and interprets your voice to adapt to what you say and do

  • Human input and collaboration continuously improve the patient-provider experience

  • Deep intelligence with an understanding of human language, emotion, and behavior to strengthen the patient-provider relationship

Be an AI achiever. Realize your vision. Become our beta partner today.

Spoken Words powered by AI

Listen to important conversations with absolute clarity and accuracy in a natural setting acceptable to you and your patient.


  • Speech recognition improves with use

  • No guesswork on what was said

  • Quality measures are met for the in-office visit

  • Conversational AI is natural and augments automating application and workflow processes


Why AvodahMed?

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Care Improvement | Workflow Efficiencies | Revenue Growth

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