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Deep Learning to Optimize the Health of Your Practice
from AvodahMed

Nsight from AvodahMed provides a unique combination of modern technology and distributed intelligence to give you deeper patient and business insights and a more personalized approach to patient care.




When you power your practice with Nsight, practice efficiency comes into focus...

  • Eliminate wasteful provider activity

  • Create efficiencies to increase provider satisfaction

  • Streamline physical and virtual office workflows

  • Identify present and future candidates for revenue-generating ancillary services

  • Create equitable experiences for every patient to deliver the best care possible

Make Providers Happy and Uncover Revenue Opportunities
  • Take the documentation burden off your providers


  • Deliver notifications when ancillary services are warranted

Make Patients Feel Seen & Heard and Become the Practice of Choice
  • Deliver personalized patient experiences with AI that translates languages including American Sign Language


  • Offer the right treatment at the right time to the right patients

Make Your Practice a Fine-Tuned Machine and Outshine Your Competition
  • Uncover insights that will help you streamline your operations


  • Create consistent virtual and physical office experiences


Nsight is a silent partner listening and providing insights to help run your business in a way that optimizes provider satisfaction while maximizing patient care.

Let’s connect so you can see Nsight in action.

To learn even more, download our
Nsight Solutions Sheet

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