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Learn, capture, act

Nsight, the AI Clinical Assistant, automatically documents patient encounters and enables customizable SOAP notes for every patient visit. Save time, work smarter, increase revenue.




from AvodahMed
Automatically document patient care with Nsight.


See Nsight in action:
AvodahMed and a group of doctors

Nsight, the ambient clinical assistant designed to take care of the notes, so you can stay focused on your patients.

Experience Nsight benefits:
  • Eliminate clinical documentation burden

  • Improve provider efficiency and reduce burnout

  • Streamline physical and virtual office workflows

  • Identify present and future candidates for revenue-generating ancillary services

  • Create equitable experiences for every patient to deliver the best care possible

Say hello to Nsight, your AI Clinical Assistant
Automatic clinical documentation & decision support
  • Actively listens, detects symptoms and documents each patient encounter

  • In-visit notification recommending ancillary services

  • Custom vocal profiles with speaker recognition and labeling

Robust tools for seamless physical or virtual patient experiences
  • Instant video visits with AI-enabled HD video

  • User-friendly features, including chat and appointment/refill requests

  • Easy physician access to medical records, care plans, and patient education

  • Ancillary service Nsights

Comprehensive documentation
  • Fully editable

  • Post Appointment dictation

  • Ability to copy or download notes directly into your EHR

  • Customizable SOAP notes

Inclusive patient experiences 
  • Translation for underserved populations

  • American Sign Language translation during medical visits

  • ADA accessibility compliance

  • HIPAA compliance

Ensure equitable health access for all: Eliminate language barriers

“Language barriers may affect the delivery of adequate care through poor exchange of information, loss of important cultural information, misunderstanding of physician instruction, poor shared decision-making, or ethical compromises (e.g., difficulty obtaining informed consent)."1


Nsight removes the complexities and expense of providing an interpreter, helping you provide every patient with the best care possible.


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With Nsight you can...


provider satisfaction and uncover untapped revenue streams


attentive care and communication to become the go-to practice for quality care


your practice operations and gain a competitive edge


Nsight is a silent partner listening and providing insights to help run your business in a way that optimizes provider satisfaction while maximizing patient care.

Let’s connect so you can see Nsight in action.

To learn even more, download our
Nsight Solution Sheet

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