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Deregulation Creates Opportunities

Updated: Jun 25

AvodahMed catalyzes the evolution of the healthcare experience

DALLAS, TX. November 2020–AvodahMed, a paradigm in Telehealth, has patented artificial intelligence technology that provides a unique solution of real time vital checking, video conferencing, patient data analytics and language services embedded with AI. Today they announced that its growing technology package brings the patient and doctor closer together bringing real time patient data for better care.


Shawn Ring, President and CEO of AvodahMed, said “Deregulation opens virtual doors for patients to have medical services at home. Through our novel patented technology, AvodahMed can provide quality care to patients remotely, whether in rural areas or at home, by allowing patients and doctors to track patient vitals from home, gain access to unique insights and communicate directly with patients in their language through video conferencing.”

Mr Ring continued “The Executive Order signed on August 3, 2020, improves rural health and Telehealth access. Section (v) of the order states that Telehealth services will be required beyond the Public Health Emergency (PHE). COVID-19 will come and go, but Telehealth services are here to stay. Additionally, deregulation has opened up a new market; what was once considered effective care is no longer sufficient. People are demanding more and better healthcare at home, and new technologies will be needed to make this happen. AvodahMed is catalyzing the evolution of the healthcare experience through our Telehealth solutions.”

About Avodah and AvodahMed Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Avodah’s vision is to connect and unite people with human-centered artificial intelligence (AI) technology in a way that delivers high-value, innovative solutions that effectively impact patient care. AvodahMed’s AI-powered healthcare platform provides remote pre- and post-visit administration, remote patient monitoring and care management services for healthcare providers to deliver a high-quality patient experience. For more information, email or visit

Media Contact: Angela Jenkins

Avodah Contact: Mariam Varghese Chief Administrative Officer


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