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Shawn Ring Presents at CapCon Venture Conference

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

DALLAS, TX. March 2021—Shawn Ring, President and CEO of AvodahMed, presented at the virtual CapCon Venture Conference. The venture conference connected investors in the Telehealth market with AvodahMed. There were five rounds of presentations and 5 judges. At each round the presenters made their presentations and then were asked a series of questions by the judges. Then they moved onto the next round of presentations and questions. In many cases the judges themselves were investors.

AvodahMed and CapCon Venture Conference

Shawn Ring, President and CEO of AvodahMed said, “This was a great opportunity for AvodahMed and investors to get exposure to each other. Being a participant at the CapCon presentation event was an opportunity for me to give a precise presentation to qualified institutional and accredited investors. This yielded potential investor contacts not only for the completion of our seed round of financing, but also for our “A” round of investors. This conference expanded our investor base and made new connections for AvodahMed.”

About CapCon Venture Conference

CapCon Venture Conference brings companies and investors together to give companies access to qualified institutional and accredited investors. They grant access to quality investment opportunities in emerging private and small cap companies.

AvodahMed’s Goal is to Meet or Exceed an in person visit

Changing the face of Telehealth.

AvodahMed would like to hear from you. If you are interested in learning more or becoming an investor our contact information is below.

About Avodah and AvodahMed Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Avodah’s vision is to connect and unite people with human-centered artificial intelligence (AI) technology in a way that delivers high-value, innovative solutions that effectively impact patient care. AvodahMed’s AI-powered healthcare platform provides remote pre- and post-visit administration, remote patient monitoring and care management services for healthcare providers to deliver a high-quality patient experience.

Investor Contact: Alex Lagerborg AvodahMed Media Contact: Angela Jenkins

Avodah Contact: Mariam Varghese Chief Administrative Officer, Avodah 817.415.0036



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